Financial Information

and Payment Plans

We believe everyone in Central Oregon deserves optimal dental health. We offer complete dentistry with payment options that make it affordable, including financing for dental services and extending credit and payment plans to patients who may not have insurance or need payment flexibility. Our services are always priced competitively to accommodate today’s cost-conscious patient. At Redmond Dental Group, you will not sacrifice quality and access to state-of-the-art services for cost.


For your convenience, we will bill your insurance for you, and apprise you of any issues that may come up along the way. Because every insurance provider is different, we cannot know exactly what your insurance will cover, but we do our best to estimate your out-of-pocket costs. You are responsible for any unpaid amounts but rest assured, we will help you with flexible financial arrangements.

Pay in Full at the Time of Service

When you pay for your visits in full, at the time you receive them, we will reward you with a 5% discount.

90 Days, Same as Cash

When you pay your balance in full, within 90 days of receiving your treatment, we will not charge you a cent for the financing!

Automatic Payment Option

In an effort to provide a longer payment arrangement for your budget-ease, we will run a credit/debit card of your choice on any day of the month you select, and carry your credit for only 6% interest. If you miss a payment, you will be charged a small missed payment fee.

Approved Payment Arrangements

Any unpaid balances over 90 days that are not on an automatic payment plan are charged interest of 12%.


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